Our current research projects include:

  • Development of targeted therapeutics for primary and metastatic brain cancer
  • Development of targeted therapeutics for selected non-CNS cancers (e.g., breast)
  • Drug delivery augmentation using Convection Enhanced Delivery (CED; for brain cancer) and Focused Ultrasound (FUS; for brain and non-CNS cancers) 
  • Metabolic imaging of brain tumor progression and therapeutic responses
  • Expanding representative models of human glioma using genetically engineered mice and patient-derived cells with comprehensive molecular profiling data
The TTRG is a multi-disciplinary team of clinicians, engineers, and cancer biologists actively working together to solve life-limiting treatment challenges in the neuroscience and cancer fields.
Translational Therapeutics Research Group (TTRG) at the University of Maryland School of Medicine

Translational Therapeutics Research Group

Department of Neurosurgery

​​NCI-Greenebaum Comprehensive Cancer Center

University of Maryland School of Medicine​ - Baltimore, MD