Translational Therapeutics Research Group

Department of Neurosurgery

​​Marlene and Stewart Greenebaum NCI Comprehensive Cancer Center

University of Maryland School of Medicine​ - Baltimore, MD


Provisional and Issued Patents

Kim, AJ, Woodworth, GF, Winkles, JA, Wadajkar AW. “Decreased Adhesivity Receptor-Targeted Nanoparticles for Fn14-Positive Tumors”. USA Patent Application 16/289,424. Notice of Allowability issued on 10/21/20.

Woodworth, GF, Kim, AJ, Schneider, CS, Hanes, J, Winkles, JA. “Targeted Structure-Specific Particulate Delivery Systems”. European Patent #EP3-220-900B1 issued 09/23/20.

Hanes J, Woodworth GF, Nance EA. "Rapid Diffusion of Large Polymeric Nanoparticles in the Mammalian Brain". USA Patent #10/307,372. Issued 06/04/19.

Winkles, JA and Yepes, MS. “TWEAK as a Therapeutic Target for Treating Central Nervous System Diseases Associated with Cerebral Edema and Cell Death”. USA Patent #7,939,490. Issued 05/10/11.